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Michael Wright

Michael Wright

Founder, Owner & Principal Tour Leader


Michael is a passionate naturalist, conservationist and explorer who loves birding, rare mammals, walking trails and photography. He is a registered professional in natural science, nature tour guiding and ecotourism consulting with 24 years’ of industry experience. He has travelled extensively through Southern and East Africa, Mauritius and North America, and further to his great passion for birds; also enjoys animal behaviour, flyfishing, butterflies, herping, trees and wilderness.

Michael currently holds a Southern African bird lifelist of 725 species, a Southern African mammal lifelist of 125 species, a South African butterfly lifelist of 104 species, and a South African frog lifelist of 36 species.

​In addition to owning and managing Sustain Wildlife and Birding Safaris, Michael also owns and manages the Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental consulting business.

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Michael's Dream and Purpose

Michael has a dream of working with others to help restore over 1 million hectares of land to conservation, to help rewild this land, and to help establish at least 10 sustainable commercial safari lodges and nature tour operators.

His purpose is:

  • To expand and enhance protected areas and biodiversity through regenerative tourism, conservation and wildlife enterprise;

  • Thereby positively transforming ecosystems and the communities around them;

  • By establishing viable wildlife economies and tourism destinations;

  • And ensuring sustainable and responsible tourism developments and operations;

  • To promote the environmental education of clients and communities;

  • And bring about environmental, economic, and social good.


Michael will realize his dream through 2 of his companies, Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental, and Sustain Safaris.

More About Michael 

​Although Michael has developed valuable knowledge and experience in the field over many years, he loves taking every opportunity to immerse himself in nature, to continue to learn from it, to teach others about its extraordinary beauty and value, to learn from those who conserve it, and to share nature-based and adventure experiences with people from all over the world.

His work life has largely been entrepreneurial in nature: relating to the nature guiding, environmental consulting, ecotourism consulting, safari lodge development, operating and marketing fields. When combined with his tertiary education, he has developed significant experience in these disciplines.


Michael has guided in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Eswatini (Swaziland), Mozambique, and Lesotho. He has also worked in the United States of America, and has visited Mauritius, Mexico, and England on holiday. During his Southern and East African adventures he has explored 119 National Parks, Game Reserves and Nature Reserves, and to date has stayed in 161 safari lodges, bush camps, resorts, hotels and campsites, while having visited many more.​​

When combined with his dedication and enthusiasm for nature and outdoor adventure, these experiences should ensure that he hosts and guides you with professionalism, skill and care.


Michael has been married for 17 years to his wonderful lady, Natalie, and together they have 2 amazing children, a courageous son aged 15 years and a delightful daughter aged 11 years.

Click on this link to peruse Michael’s CV.

Natalie Wright image

Natalie Wright

Office and Finance Manager


Natalie is an financial and administrative whizz who loves taking care of her family, staying healthy, the outdoors and reading.

Natalie is our office manager and the administrative and financial heart of the company, ensuring its efficient functioning, and keeping all the good checks and balances in place.

Natalie has worked in South Africa and Mozambique, and holds diplomas in Bookkeeping and Nature Conservation, and certificates in financial accounting and payroll.


Natalie also manages Sustain's sister company, a nature tour operating business called Sustain Wildlife and Birding Safaris.

Key Characteristics and Experience

  • Key skills include financial management, administration, organisation.

  • Countries worked in: South Africa, Mozambique.


Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in Bookkeeping (2003);

  • National Diploma in Nature Conservation - Incomplete (2000).


Additional Qualifications, Certificates and Training

  • Financial Accounts I (Advanced Bookkeeping) (2005);

  • Pastel Partner, Advanced, Payroll (2004).

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