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Southern Africa is a land of boundless adventure and alluring beauty with an untamed wilderness full of possibilities for each of its fortunate guests. It is host to great biodiversity, extremes, cultural variety and natural wonder.


Sustain Wildlife and Birding Safaris appreciates the deeply profound effect these unsurpassed experiences and breathtaking moments have on those who pursue its treasures, and endeavours to fulfil the needs of any and all guests by creating supreme safari experiences and expeditions.

Our experienced tour leaders are all well-qualified nature and bird guides, and will ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded. As regional experts, we will lead you on the experience of a lifetime to some of the finest bird, mammal and biodiversity hotspots in Southern Africa. We specialize in providing wildlife tours, birding tours and rare mammal tours within the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Eswatini, Mozambique and Lesotho.

Our private tours endeavour to limit travel time and distance, and to rather focus on maximizing remarkable experiences in areas of breath-taking natural beauty. We look forward to creating the tour of a lifetime for you at affordable prices.

Each guest is treated to a choice of tailor-made packages or scheduled tours, developed to captivate the heart of whichever personalized African adventure they wish to fulfil. Contact us to arrange a tour itinerary to suit your needs, interests and budget.

Sustain safaris comprise:

  • Personalized tours with a maximum of 6 guests per guide;

  • Experienced and knowledgeable professional tour leaders;

  • Amazing wildlife destinations and biodiversity;

  • Excellent accommodation in birding and wildlife havens;

  • Comprehensive itineraries and species checklists.


We look forward to arranging the trip of a lifetime for you and to meeting your every need on African soil. Enjoy the rawness and allure of African wildlife experiences with Sustain Wildlife and Birding Safaris.

Our Values

Sustain is so much more than a tour operator. We want you to love this land as much as we do, to take it into your heart and embrace a fuller understanding and deeper respect for all its biodiversity.  We would love for you to end your tour with not just an amazing photo album of all the wonderful sightings you will have enjoyed, but with something you will carry inside your heart forever.

For us, this goes way beyond being a business; it is an opportunity to share our experiences, adventures, and sense of wonder. We believe in combining tourism with conservation, culture and community, and in always operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. In addition to caring for you and ensuring your tour is truly spectacular, we dedicate our time and resources to the natural environment, its inhabitants and its conservation champions.

We are committed to being custodians of this inspiring land, so we sincerely hope you will share our vision and values – because this is not merely a holiday trip, it is a way to expand your horizons and to give back to future generations and the precious wildlife we cohabit this remarkable planet with.

Our mission: to change people’s lives through passion-filled expeditions into untamed wilderness. We seek to create deep and lasting human connections with nature and the people who conserve it. 

Our goals: to play a meaningful role in expanding or enhancing protected areas and biodiversity; to operate sustainably and responsibly; to help establish viable biodiversity economies and tourism destinations; to promote environmental and cultural education; and to positively transform ecosystems and the communities around them. 

Our conservation fund: Sustain is a conservation-driven ecotourism company, with a business model focused on creating exceptional and great value safari experiences that give back. Hence, we support 3 chosen conservation NGOs doing amazing work. Learn more about the Sustain Conservation Fund here.

Registration and Certification

Tour Operator Registration Certificate

Community Tourism Organization Membership Certificate

BirdLife South Africa Birder Friendly Establishment

Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental

Should you or a work colleague require ecotourism and environmental consulting services, we also have a sister company, Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental, which provides these services. Please refer to the website for more details:

Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental's vision is to ensure biodiversity conservation through sustainable development and responsible enterprise.

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