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Biodiversity Events and Research Tours

Sustain Safaris offers unique biodiversity events and tours to biodiversity hotspots throughout Southern Africa.

These events and tours seek to offer our more passionate guests with a very immersive and educational bush experience, while simultaneously achieving meaningful scientific outcomes.

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Sustain organizes and delivers amazing biodiversity bash (biobash) events and biodiversity research tours at assorted wildlife reserves (both private and public) throughout Southern Africa for wildlife lovers searching for something more meaningful. Sustain, in partnership with The LionHeart Experience and other associated specialists, arranges these exciting events in combination with various land owners and accommodation providers who are positioned in suitable biodiversity hotspots.

Far too often guests on a standard safari itinerary will view wildlife on a more general level from a vehicle or on a walk. Sometimes these experiences can prove somewhat stale for the keener and more regular wildlife lovers. Our events and tours seek to immerse our more enthusiastic clients much deeper into nature, requiring them to apply all their senses far more acutely. We endeavour to showcase as much of each respective reserve’s biodiversity treasures as possible in a well-managed and intensive itinerary. These itineraries will demand a lot from each guest over extended hours, however, they will also provide periods of rest and recuperation.

Our events normally take place over 3-days and 2-nights, and are designed to cover a vast array of biodiversity (some of which is often overlooked on standard tours) and to explore a multitude of habitats in a far more adventurous and intentional manner. We seek to involve our guests in a more intensive bush experience, and while doing so, to achieve citizen science objectives simultaneously. This ensures that our guests’ efforts serve to develop meaningful scientific research data, both for the reserve and for the broader scientific community. Our events are designed to host anyone from 6 years of age and upwards, although each particular reserve’s policies will always apply.

The following activities are commonly undertaken (these may differ depending on the reserve and time of year): birding and bird ringing, frogging, butterfly feeding, snake and scorpion hunts, rock flipping and log rolling, camera trapping and analysis, tracking, and stargazing. 

For reserve owners and managers:

  • If you are interested in hosting such biodiversity events at your reserve, please contact us to discuss the prospective opportunity. We would be interested and keen to plan and host an exciting event with you, and to offer a new guest experience venture at your reserves;

  • Should the event prove successful for both parties, we would be keen to explore the possibility of making it an annual event. You may also want to use it as a staff team-building and training;

  • For your assurance, should you choose to host an annual event with us, we commit to not arranging another event with a different land owner within 100km of your location.

CONTACT US now to arrange a special event or tour for you.

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