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For those that prefer independence and traveling in their own time, Sustain is able to tailor-make self-drive tours to all parts of the sub-region. Constructing great tours is an art that requires significant understanding and knowledge of sites, products, routes and logistics. We are well versed in these elements, and will ensure that your trip is greatly enhanced by our input.

Our self-drive 'Do it Yourself' tours are ideal for those who have special interests, prefer self-exploration and enjoy flexibility. We have arranged everything from short trips within individual provinces to extended multi-week cross-border tours into different countries and multiple provinces.

Self-drive tours are becoming increasingly popular with visitors who prefer to travel at their own pace and enjoy their own company. South Africa's excellent roads and infrastructure and the plethora of good literature and website information make this an easy option. Nonetheless, it must be appreciated that local knowledge and awareness is important for the best and safest tour, and it must be appreciated that these are the cons of a self-drive tours.


In our experience, published birding an travel information can become outdated fairly quickly, and it does not necessarily provide the client the best advice with regard to itinerary planning. So if you want to travel independently and want to get the most out of your trip...let us help to make this possible.

We offer a full tour planning and booking service that will take the hassle out of your visit. Our local knowledge is borne of years of experience in the field, current guiding activity and our network of wildlife, birding and other contacts around the sub-region. We will greatly enhance your travel plans with expert advice and logistical support for your onward travel, site guides, maps of both the tour and special localities, and our personal safari recommendations to ensure a wonderful trip.

Site Guides: Some endemic species can be notoriously difficult to find and a local guide for a day or two can often add enormous benefit to your tour success and enjoyment of an area, and your chances of connecting with these valued endemics, specials and any rarities in each region. We will assist with arranging these connections and bookings along your journey. Supporting local guiding services adds an additional element of pleasure and success to any trip, while at the same time the guiding fee helps to support local communities and their appreciation for conservation and tourists.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer you rewarding, memorable and fun self-drive safaris. Let us do this for you...

Image by Stas Konasov, client on tour with Sustain Safaris

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