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Since its formation, Sustain has been supporting the many environments that enrich and delight our lives with many hours of treasured viewing and photography. Sustainable and responsible tourism is a cornerstone value of our company, and it requires us to give back to nature, which never ceases to provide us immeasurable benefits in return.


In order to better co-ordinate and effectively implement our conservation efforts, we have launched the Sustain Conservation Fund (SCF). Henceforth, a percentage of each tour we lead will be donated directly into the SCF.


Your contribution to this fund does not increase the cost of our tours, as we seek to encourage the sponsorship of the various conservation projects we have committed to support. By simply touring with us, you are ensured that all of your offering will go directly to conservation!


Our ultimate goal is to support conservation in multi-faceted ways, contributing where we can to preserve the natural world we so dearly love, and inviting our guests to partake in this ethos as we travel and appreciate these natural treasures together.

Did you know that with every Sustain tour booked, a percentage of our profit is donated to five organizations very dear to our hearts? The Zululand Conservation Trust, BirdLife South Africa, the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the Wilderness Foundation Africa, and the Cape Leopard Trust.

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The Zululand Conservation Trust, founded in 2011, established and manages South Africa's Zululand Rhino Orphanage. They are also presently involved in the black rhino expansion project, rhino dehorning, rhino management and wild dog conservation. Furthermore, they support and educate communities through: school game drives, a rhino art project, a community crèche and a community annual soccer tournament.

BirdLife South Africa, founded in 1905, is the country partner of BirdLife International. Their vision is to see a country and region where nature and people live in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably. Their mission is to strives to conserve birds, their habitats and biodiversity through scientifically-based programmes, through supporting the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources and by encouraging people to enjoy and value nature.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust, founded in 1973, is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in east and southern Africa to the benefit of all people. They seek a healthy planet and an equitable world that values and sustains the diversity of all life.

The Wilderness Foundation Africa, founded in 1977, is a conservation organization working to protect and sustain all life on earth for the benefit of current and future generations. Their work protects and sustains wildlife and wilderness through integrated conservation and education programmes.

The Cape Leopard Trust, founded in 2004, is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, which functions as an active predator conservation working group engaged in innovative research, conservation and education projects established to facilitate and promote the conservation of biological diversity and find solutions to human-wildlife conflict.



Please email us below if you would like to make a contribution towards one of these Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs). We will assist and pass on relevant documentation for you to donate. We will also ensure that every bit of your donation reaches the cause directly.


If you wish to donate to one of these projects specifically, in your email, please could you identify and inform us of your preference.

Our deepest thanks and gratitude for your contribution and for participating in our journey to help save wildlife, birds and habitats from extinction, and to educating the youth and communities about conservation. We are delighted by your commitment and are humbled to lay a part in these great causes.

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