Sustain offers tailor-made wildlife and birding expeditions for small groups throughout Southern Africa.


Nowhere on the planet is tourism growing faster than in sub-Saharan Africa, and wildlife is the single biggest driver for this growth, attracting 80% of all visitors.

At Sustain, we know that no two clients are alike, that bigger is not better and that tailor-made is best. From pure adventure to the lap of luxury, using our knowledge we bring your hopes and dreams to life by creating unforgettable journeys. Hidden gems, extraordinary access, natural wonders, remote destinations – that's the Sustain way.

Our mission is: to change people’s lives through passion-filled expeditions into untamed wilderness. We seek to create deep and lasting human connections with nature and the people who conserve it. 


Our goals are: to play a meaningful role in expanding or enhancing protected areas and biodiversity; to operate sustainably and responsibly; to help establish viable biodiversity economies and tourism destinations; to promote environmental and cultural education; and to positively transform ecosystems and the communities around them. 

Our conservation fund: Sustain was created as a conservation-driven ecotourism company, with a business model focused on creating exceptional and great value safari experiences that give back. Hence, we started the to support 3 chosen conservation NGOs doing amazing work. Learn more about the Sustain Conservation Fund here.

Should you ever require ecotourism and environmental consulting services, we also have a separate division, Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental, which provides these services. Refer to: http://www.sustainecoenv.com.

Registration and Certification

Tour Operator Registration Certificate

Community Tourism Organisation Membership Certificate

BirdLife South Africa Birder Friendly Establishment

We are a registered Birder Friendly Tour Operator with BirdLife South Africa



We offer wildlife, birding and biodiversity tours that explore the following regions:

  • Focus on Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park

  • Focus on KwaZulu-Natal

  • Eastern South Africa

  • Eastern South Africa and the Cape

  • Southern Africa

Contact us:     C/M: +27 83 670 1436   |   F: +27 86 551 5736 ​  |   E: info@sustainsafaris.com   |   W: www.sustainsafaris.com