Wildlife and Birding Tours


Sustain possesses significant experience in tailor-making tours to all parts of the subregion for a multitude of local and international clients. Tailor-making tours is an art, and what makes them special are consummate experience, adaptability, capacity and relationships.

Our custom tours are ideal for those who have special interests, prefer personalised experiences and guide attention, and who enjoy flexibility. We have arranged everything from short trips within individual provinces to extended multi-week cross-border trips into different countries and multiple provinces.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer you a rewarding, memorable and fun tailor-made safari.

The Basics of a Tailor-made Tour


Tailor-made Safaris can be designed for single travellers, couples, families or small groups of friends. Contact us so that we can take your particular tastes and preferences, interests, availability, budget, timing and needs into account. This will help greatly in crafting and customising a suitable itinerary and price. These trips can be based around birding, general wildlife, focussed wildlife, photography, or a combination of these. Such tours are ideal for those who prefer independence and flexibility, as we will only be catering to your needs...in essence, a private tour. You will enjoy the great benefit of a dedicated guide that offers personalized attention, and hosts you from start to finish. Our guides are well versed, not only in wildlife viewing, but in people skills as well, and will offer the right balance to your tour – they will be as close and personal as you would like them, knowing when to offer space, privacy and alone free time if and when necessary.

Tailor-made Tour Itineraries

The choice and possibilities are tremendous when crafting your Tailor-made Tour! Hence, it is most helpful if you could provide your wishlist, to guide us in crafting one to your liking. To help guide you, all of our Scheduled Tours can provide the basis for a Tailor-made Tour, and can be tweaked to fit your availability and budget. Alternatively, we have several tried and tested standard itineraries covering Southern Africa, which have been pre-priced to help provide you with a good understanding.


Another important consideration and further benefit is that Tailor-made Tour can either be fully-guided, self-drive or a combination of the two, for example: a guided Kruger to Zululand safari, followed by a stay at a private beach or country lodge.

Tailor-made Tours are the best way to experience Africa! Enjoy the ease and convenience of travelling with people you already know, with a personal host to serve and guide you, while you relax and embrace the adventure and fullness of what is on offer – the landscapes, birds, wildlife, cuisine, drink, culture and the many special moments! 

Previous Tailor-made Trip Reports

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  • Trip report from a 2-day wildlife tour we ran in August 2019 for Helen Karlsson from Sweden.

  • Trip report from a 5-day birding and wildlife tour we ran in November 2015 for Daphne Byron and Wilda from the United States of America.