Sustain Safaris are experts in rare mammals tours that showcase the rarer and shyer mammals across the Southern African landscape. These are focused on the more seasoned wildlife enthusiasts and photographers who have already undertaken many safaris, and seen the “Big 5” mammals multiple times, but are now determined to find the more elusive and seldom seen “second tier” mammals of the sub-region.


Our target rare mammals:

If you have always dreamed of viewing the following mammals, then these Sustain Rare Mammals Tours are especially for you: Aardvark, pangolin, honey badger, black-footed cat, aardwolf, serval, caracal, striped weasel, striped polecat, bat-eared fox, cape fox, cape porcupine, civet, spotted-necked otter, cape clawless otter, black rhino, suricate, hedgehog, side-striped jackal, elephant shrew, suni, oribi, roan, grey rhebok, etc.

The rare mammal tours are well-paced (generally at a medium or medium-plus pace), adventurous, informative, great fun, very rewarding, and they generally deliver a high proportion of the target species. 

As Sustain is a conservation-driven ecotourism company, we are focused on exceptional and great value safari experiences that give back.


Included: An expert nature guide, accommodation (medium or medium-plus quality), comfortable ​ground transport, 3 meals/day, bottled water, entrance fees, conservation levies, personalized checklists, any specialist community site guide fees.

Note: the actual itineraries may differ slightly subject to availability at the time of booking. Contact our office for greater clarity at: info@sustainsafaris.com.

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