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Sustain Safaris leads captivating and sustainable wildlife and birding expeditions for small groups throughout Southern Africa

Featured Upcoming Tours

Caracal mother on night drive in Marrick Safari

Rare Mammals Tour

13 Days

28 November − 10 December 2023

From: ZAR 66,200.00

3 Booked, 3 Seats
Black Rhinos

Mega South Africa - Kruger to Cape

26 Days

03 − 28 May 2024

01 − 26 October 2024

From: ZAR 96,750.00

Cape Rockjumper male

Endemic Birds in the Western Cape

11 Days

08 – 18 November 2023

12 – 22 March 2024

03 – 13 September 2024

From: ZAR 52,450.00

New Tour

Quality and value for money are important to us, as we curate and lead superb ecotours that explore the magnificent biodiversity offering of the region. We concentrate on birds and mammals (with a particular focus on rare and endemic species), although we take great interest in butterflies, flora, herpetology, amphibians, general ecology and culture too.


Our explorations offer visceral experiences. Being out in the wilds with us will allow you to see when you look, hear when you listen and feel when you think. Join us on a journey of discovery, of both Nature’s treasure-chest and yourself.

At Sustain, we know that no two clients are alike, that bigger is not better and that tailor-made is best. From pure adventure to the lap of luxury, using our knowledge we bring your hopes and dreams to life by creating unforgettable journeys. Hidden gems, extraordinary access, natural wonders, remote destinations – that's the Sustain way.

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Committed to Sustainability

At Sustain Safaris we commit to living up to our name, to walking the talk, to genuinely applying sustainability practices into our business operations. 


We also aim to support conservation agencies, protected areas, tourism industry operators and service providers who focus on having a positive impact on the conservation of species and cultures, the expansion and regeneration of wilderness, and a reduced negative impact on our natural resources and living environments.

We administer the SUSTAIN CONSERVATION FUND, which supports 4 conservation organizations.

We also apply our SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES across 4 themes.

In addition, should you ever require ecotourism and environmental consulting services, we also have a separate division, Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental, which provides these services. Refer to:

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